Cementerio ateo, IBAOLA HERRIÁK en Villabuena de Álava - Eskuernaga

The atheist cemetery is the work of Joseba Ibáñez, who in 2011 began shaping his idea of creating a special space adorned with megalithic monuments. It’s a genuine open-air museum, a space for peace and meditation, even a cemetery for those who avoid religious ceremonies. We recommend exploring it fully and marveling at the numerous works of art you’ll find there and the fantastic landscape that surrounds it.


The cemetery is located near the Montecillo dolmen. We suggest you visit it. The dolmen – burial sites from over 4,000 years ago, in this case dating back to the early Bronze Age – is not unique in the area and is one of the attractions of the region. Like most of them, it follows a corridor style. Its location – in the middle of nowhere, so to speak – has helped preserve it in very good condition. The chamber where people were buried measures just over 2m x 2m. Few bone remains were found, along with some pottery shards, Hispano-Roman sigillata pottery, and charcoal. It is assumed that the site was looted in the past.


To continue, return to the bridge you crossed earlier and continue to the left until you reach the back of the Church of San Andrés and arrive at the square.