ermita de San Torcuato en Villabuena de Álava - Eskuernaga

Hermitage of San Torcuato

The hermitage of San Torcuato is a sober, well-maintained building, rectangular in shape, with masonry walls. The lower part is wider than the upper part. Inside, on the main altar, there is an image of San Antonio Abad instead of San Torcuato, in honor of whom the patron saint festivities are celebrated. This is possibly due to the veneration he had as a protector of fields and livestock in the 18th century.

The patron saint festivities of Villabuena are celebrated in May in honor of San Torcuato and are the oldest in the province (since the mid-17th century).

The Lauburu is a symbol of possibly Celtic origin, which appears in Visigothic representations. It is a pre-Christian symbol that some interpret as the sun, while others see it as representing the ages of man. Some also say that if it rotates to the right, it represents life, and if it rotates to the left, death. It is also considered a symbol of energy or masculine virility.

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