Casa Marqués de Solana en VIllabuena de Álava - Eskuernaga

Marqués de Solana Palace

We find ourselves in front of the Marqués de Solana House. This house was built in the 16th century but was expanded in the 18th century. It has two wings that give rise to a façade divided into two: one facing Santiago Street and the other on Mayor Street, which is the street higher up.

The house is of considerable height, possibly with a tower, and is in good condition in terms of its original structure.

The ancient entrance is in the Renaissance style. Above it, there is a coat of arms that was moved there in the 18th century, bearing a legend that says «This broken sword plus my faith will not fail you»; and two balconies with high-quality ironwork and carpentry.

The ground floor, as in most houses of the time, was used only for access. If we could enter the house, we would see many interesting and original elements such as the floor or two coats of arms.

In front of the house, there is access to the orchard, which was once connected to the house by a bridge.

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