Barrio de bodegas tradicionales de Villabuena de Álava - Eskuernaga

Neighborhood of Traditional Wineries

We’ve arrived at the neighborhood of traditional wineries. Each door leads to an ancient cellar – most of them now unused – where wine was once produced much in the same way the Romans taught us. Using whole grape clusters, which were thrown into a «lake» and then stomped on.

Today, few wineries continue to use this method, which has been passed down through generations and gives rise to the wines we know as «carbonic maceration» wines.

In these places, the demand for effort and necessary space to produce wine is significant, which is why wineries have moved to new facilities where the difficulty in production is less.

The wineries that are part of the Association for the Promotion of Villabuena – Eskuernaga are: Araico, Beltxuri, Benetakoa, Berarte organic wines, Berrueco, Bideona, Besa Maestresala, Bikain, Bodegas de la Marquesa, Izadi, Javier Besa, Luis Cañas, Candido Besa, Garcia Berrueco, Hnos. Frias Del Val, José Básoco Basoco, Pérez Maestresala, Molina Perez, Ramirez Baigorri.

The sculpture we can enjoy depicts a man in a wine press; one of the typical scenes of wine production in those wineries. This sculpture was made by the locals but… and to continue…